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How to donate and Buy Points
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Donation Via BitCoin:

Send a chosen amount to the following Bitcoin address
Our New Address : 371JdpMi1TmEkrzWhbgKYDAfCZjEF3aExn
Previous one : 3Pk4bWPMgYfe4FVNdaYJbyjwSD3rf6ShEL

Don`t forget to send us the transcation ID which has 64 digits length 

If you do not have Bitcoin currency, but have some other payment system currency you may use e-currency exchange services.

These websites are our recommends, you can donate from any web services you want
  • Coinbase is the world’s most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum. You can easily make username and link bank account, debit card, or credit card so that you can exchange digital currency into and out of your local currency. ( currency is depends from where you have login )

kindly if you can donate via BTC, please do not donate via others

Exchange paypal to Bitcoin step by step Click Here 
  • Easycoin –  some of our users pay through this website. will proccess in 24-48 hours.
  • CoinCorner – buy the Bitcoin with your debit / credit card or bank transfer
  • ALFAcashier – the buy of BTC for the Bitcoin-an e, litecoin, the Perfect Money, WebMoney-related, OkPay, of LiqPay, MoneyPolo, bank transfer (USD / EUR / RUB)
  • or use any other service you like
Plans For Bitcoin :
$10 – 100 Points
$20 – 220 Points 
$50 – 550 Points
$80 – 880 Points
$100 – 1500 Points

You can donate any mount for more than $100.

For exchange $ to BTC click here 

(Donations more than $100, $1=15 points)

Donation via Amazon

Temporarily Closed 

For each $ you will receive 11 points

Gift Card should be more than $30

Kindly after donation Send us an email and transaction

This title is available on website.
For guests will cost 40% to 60% of original price.
For users and contributors will cost 20% to 40% of original price.
Verified users and verified contributors can buy directly from website.
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