Circularizing picornavirus genomes to rapidly obtain terminal sequence


Obtaining the terminal sequences of a viral genome is often thefinal step in completing that genome. Understanding the 5UTR isparticularly important for picornavirology because of key structuralelements that reside within this sequence, with regulatory roles inviral replication.The 5and 3rapid amplification of cDNA ends(RACE) method is often employed to obtain the termini butis generally demanding and expensive and can be complicated byintrinsic secondary structures. The recent surge of picornavirusdiscoveries has yielded more than 50 newly identified, hard to cul-ture, rhinoviruses (HRVs); understanding their biology and clinicalimpact will require fully characterizing each of their genomes. Cur-rently, a large number of HRV polyprotein sequences reside onGenBank, but lack complete UTR sequences.



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